The hardest class that I had this year was Language Arts. Literature is just not my cup of tea and I am extremely poor at it compared to my classmates. I have worked hard on keeping up with it. Fortunately I worked on study guides that were assigned by Mrs. Eubank. It really helped me review the reading that I did and also remember it. The only good part I had this year in Language Arts was punctuating quotations. I also did quite well with my writing assignments. We have done quite a lot of different types of them this years and I have worked on getting a good grade in those. I am happy with the grades that I received because after working really hard on a class that is not my strength, there is nothing more that I can really ask for. So overall I am quite happy with my performance in Language Arts this year but I really think I could have done much better. I am really looking forward for next year similar to the one I had in 8th grade. Also there is a new teacher coming in next year and maybe he might have a working style that helps me make Language Arts make my strength class as well.  

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