We had an awesome performance in Language arts today. It was actually an assignment. The assignment was to create a skit on either situational or dramatic irony. We worked in groups of four or five. My group members were Karim, Adam Temraz and Adam Aziz. We did a skit on situational irony. We had a group of pirate (Karim and Adam Temraz) and another group of peoople in the island (me and Adam Aziz). As soon as the pirates came, me and Adam Aziz (the group of people waiting on
the island) captures them and interrogates them. Then we find out what their motive was and the reason they came here. They told us they were here for the treasure that was hidden in the island from a long time. We looked for the treasure and found the treasure out. After we found it out, Adam Temraz and Karim ran away with the treasure. As they left we looked at the treasure and found out that it was actually gold painted chocolate. It was quite an entertaining and funny act. Most people enjoyed and had a great time. It felt great performing after a long time and I look forward to some more performance.

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