This year I think the best class this year was information technology. It was a great year with Mr. C and with amazing project that he assigned us. Out of the entire project I had to work I don’t recall a single project that I got bored and tired of doing. It was great working on then. They are all different and all extremely interesting. I don’t think I have ever taken a class like this ever before. I don’t think I could have expected anything more from this class. We watched movies, played games got projects done and most importantly had fun. I was pleased to work on all the projects but one of the projects that I really liked was the one when we downloaded flash games. It is one thing that I really enjoyed working on and I still use it download other games. It is a skill that I really needed because now I can get more games and play more games with internet connection. I am extremely happy that I took this class this year. It gave an amazing start to my high school career and I and I am looking forward to more classes like this.

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