Snipping Tool - Sabarna - Grade 9
Snipping Tool is a software in Windows 7.  It is a tool that takes pictures of the part of the screen that you are working on. This is quite a cool software because it allows you to decide which section of the screen you want to take a picture of. This gives us an advantage of not editing or cropping the image. Then we can put these images in a document and create help files or As usual it is our weekly project for this week. It is to create a help document on Weebly for the years forward for Schutz staff and students. Mr. C wanted us to do this because he thinks we are the most intelligent Weebly users in all of Schutz. It is a very interesting project but it requires a lot of time and thinking. We are working on it with all of our attention. It is a good thing to learn because I can now use this knowledge to help my family members learn new things in the technology world. It is very helpful and it can be used in many other purposes just other than technology.

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