This is the first long week we have after quiet a long time. It has been quiet a nice week so far with not a lot of work. I am happy with the amount of work i am receiving from the teachers. It is not really a lot. Although I have a feeling that it is going to raise soon. I am working a lot harder than I did in the last quarter. I was very nervous for my report card but it turned out to be a pretty satisfying one. I still didn’t reach my goal of a GPA of 4.3 yet and I am looking forward to it in this quarter. I am working really hard to reach that goal of mine. It would be a really nice thing if I actually meet that goal this quarter. It is the last quarter of my first year in high school and there can be nothing better than reaching a goal that i set for me 3 years ago. So I am really looking forward to it and I hope I can make it.

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